Knightsbridge Security Deposit Robbery

Knightsbridge Security Deposit was robbed on June 12, 1987 in Knightsbridge, part of City of Westminster, England. Two men entered the deposit that day claiming they wanted to rent a security case. Once they were led to the safe, they pulled out their guns and took control over the situation. Both the director and the guards were unable to react.
The robbers then put a sign on the door explaining the institution was temporarily closed that day and allowed their accomplices in. They broke several security cases and took a $66 million prey, which in today’s money is around $130-150 million. One of the guards managed to set himself free and pressed the alarm one hour after the robber had left the building.
The police were able to retrieve a fingerprint which allowed them to identify Valerio Viccei, an Italian man. The police trailed him for a while and then arrested him and some of his accomplice on August 1987.  They were then sent to court. Viccei later on wrote a book describing the whole event.